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A postcard masquerades as December's book. The postcard was made on Via's 80 lb. linen. There are two variants--the images are photocopied on Crane's gray linen and Via's white linen. The card details birds' movement in space. (35/35) There are two copies left.

Twelve Little Clouds
In January 2003, the Uncle Justin Series published its most stylistically conservative book. The "clouds" are actual pieces of paper copied in raking light. The content refers to the black and white nature of morality contrasted with its actual ambiguity. The book was influenced by Diedet Roth's 246 Little Clouds. (33/33) There are two copies left.

A book's content should not be rushed. Sadly, the February 2003 deadline had arrived and ideas were lacking. Included in the books are modern day demons, such as the "Grin and Share It". The book took its ideas from the Gabbarbocchus Press edition of Ubu Roi. (40/40)

The junk mail of modern life intersects with the deafening noise of media. How do we escape? In March 2003, the question is given an ultimatum. (40/40) There are five copies left.

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