I make books as a hobby. Sometimes, I make nicely constructed art books. Most of the time, however, I make cheap xeroxes in editions of 30 to 40. I enjoy the construction of books and the creation of their content. The topics of these books range from the mundane to the absurd. Sometimes my books involve a lot of manhours to construct and at times, they are created in an assembly line with little thought involved.

I have some traditional book arts training and a lot of the DIY ethic. I am trained in letterpress printing with the proofing press and the platen press. I love the texture of wood type and the flexibility of printing with photo plates. Additionally, I have experience in silkscreening and some forms of intaglio printing (such as linoleum, wood and zinc). I have no problems doing binding and I can glue with calm ease and alacrity.

I have a couple of imprints I maintain. One imprint is the Stanford University Libraries Press. These books tend to be well constructed art books. The spines are stitched in thread and the books are covered in cloth-covered boards.

The other imprint is the Uncle Justin Series. This is the current imprint of the Book-of-the-Month Club. The Book-of-the-Month Club is a club whose members receive monthly "books". These books are not high works of art but they are at least mildly amusing. To join the club, please e-mail me at the address below.