Library Tours

Kater Krafts in Pico River
Special Collections @ UCLA

Clark Library - Ninja Press
Saw amazing books and amazing space. Looks very East Coast old money except done California style.

Worth noting that Ward Ritchie studied with F.L. Schmied, an amazing letterpress printer. Schmied would print these woodcuts with 30 print runs. Imagine trying to line up 30 plates and wait for the ink to dry. Schmied worked during the 1920s and the Clark has a number of his books.

Ninja Press books show a level of letterpress printing and graphic design that I wish I had. I wish I had the time to learn to typeset properly.

Special Collections @ LAPL
Not much to report. The collection that is left out in the Rare Book room isn't anything special. A few choice items of California printing history and first editions.

Cerritos Library
Wow. If this library was not in Cerritos, I would work there. Amazing. Imagine how great it would be if your boss had to work the worst job in the entire library along with you. Yes, at Cerritos, everyone has to work the welcome desk just like Walmart.