poetry on the slow, flow and go tree
HAIKU are a force of nature. They fight, they bite and they never play fair. They blow dust into your eyes and remind you of your unimportant stature. Haiku pack a punch in their three lines. Haiku should not be treated as a punchline to a joke on life. They are a breath of fresh air in the humdrum of life.

I have been writing a haiku a day for the last year or so. My haiku are not good but I hope that with constant writing I will one day write at least one good haiku.

I have collected here a series of haiku by masters of the verse and my own verse. I see this as a dialogue. Here's my verse and here's the good stuff. I believe a taste test will help us all better understand this poetry form.

I should put a note here on the form I use and some of these poets use. I feel that traditional 5-7-5 haiku are best read in Japanese. The English language is not quite as monosyllabic as the Japanese language.

The best application of the haiku form has to be aware of the limitations of the English language. To me, the modern haiku is three lines of any length that uses very pithy language.

Jack Kerouac
Amiri Baraka
My Own Haiku

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