Funeral Marching Band 2004

This is the beginning of another project.
I should really put this page over at turophile, but I am a lazy bum and this place will allow me to put some music up. I guess. (who actually looks at this page? nobody that lets me know.)

I heard this album and I was like whoa what do I have to do to make this happen in the United States. I want to die with this music in the background.

Right now, we're toying with the idea of serenading commuters on their way to work from the L.A. River. I'm working on people right now.

I am also working on the t-shirt design. I figured if the project fails; I will at least have a t-shirt to prove that I actually went as far as I could with the idea. (Given my lousy lazy bum friends.)

You want to hear what I'm looking for. vi's radioblog Look for the song Santana V. - Totensamba.

Recruited Steve and Anya.
Randall is back in town.
Started transcription of Totensamba.
burned copies of cds for band members.